There are two main types of fabric wristband which is the clip closure style and the slide closure style. For both styles you can have them woven or printed. Below you will find various options available to help you make your choice.


Clip Closure (260mm)                 L-Shape (260mm)                       Slide Closure (350mm)

                                                                                               *The L-Shaped band is only available woven


Small Plastic Clip                        Large Plastic Clip                          Vinyl Button Clip

*The small white clip is non-standard

Aluminium Ring               Flat Plastic Slide            Oval Plastic Slide            Bead Plastic Slide

*Please note that a crimping tool is required for the aluminium ring

Reusable Metal Ring                  Reusable Plastic Ring                 Reusable Plastic Spring

Please see the templates on the information page for other closure colours available


Weave                                                                             Printed

Up to 8 weave colours available                                                             Printed full colour


Lurex (metallic) weave                                             UV weave

Many colour options available 


Numbering                                    Barcode                                            RFID

Barcodes / QR codes are available printed, woven or on plastic cards as shown.


Should you have any requirements not shown on this page please do ask as there are many options available.




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